Iqbal Singh

Iqbal Singh

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Iqbal Singh

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Iqbal has a track record of leveraging Lean-Agile and Lean-Startup principles to transform organizations and deliver enterprise software fast, and driven by business and customer VALUE.

Iqbal was a key part of the team that lead BMC Software’s transformation to Lean-Agile in 2005.
That transformation later became a SAFe case study. Iqbal held direct P&L responsibility for software product lines with bookings up to $80M and teams in 3 continents. Leveraging Lean-Agile principles, he significantly improved the profitability. With 20+ years of experience in ITSM, Cloud, Analytics, SaaS, and ERP, Iqbal has applied Lean-Agile principles to innovate new solutions, M&A and turnaround of mature product-lines.

Now Iqbal is sharing his expertise with the industry by coaching and consulting executives and teams in the key areas of product discovery (strategy, portfolio & product management) and product delivery. His key skill includes:

★Transformation: Iqbal transform organization into efficient and productive Lean-Agile organization that develop a maniacal focus on customer VALUE, establishing predictable execution rhythm to deliver the value early and often.

★Coaching: Iqbal helps the clients develop a new mindset, and to make adjustments to processes and structures as well as gain confidence in their transformation so that they can sustain the gains.

★Product Management: Iqbal is known for learning and leveraging broad technology trends and ability to research the market in leading teams to develop innovative solutions for boosting top/bottom-line results.

★Innovation: Has a track of applying Lean Startup principles for rapid experimentation and incubating new solutions and helps organizations to do the same.