Jaco Greyling

Jaco Greyling

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Jaco Greyling

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Jaco Greyling has been building complex enterprise solutions for over two decades. 

He joined UBS Investment Bank in 2000 where he helped to build the first e-commerce web infrastructure for UBS in partnership with Savvis.  In 2002 he joined the Middleware Technology Services’ Distributed Infrastructure Solutions team - responsible for over 500 application servers globally. In 2005 he joined Equities IT charged with developing various infrastructure solutions also forming part of the SSENG design team responsible for the infrastructure architecture and environment specification. In 2006 he became the Equities IT Service Delivery Manager for Distributed platforms. In this role he was responsible for application delivery (DevOps) throughout the software development lifecycle.

In 2010 he joined CA Southern Africa as a solution strategist, specialising in Application Performance Monitoring (APM) solutions for large enterprises. In 2012 he started the Application Delivery (DevOps) business for CA Southern Africa evangelising the need for improved software development and delivery practices in order for companies to thrive in the application economy. As CTO he was responsible for product marketing, sales enablement and technical sales, incl. market research. He was responsible for creating market awareness around the challenges organizations face today and how DevOps can play a pivotal role in the application economy. He also runs the South Africa user groups for DevOps with over 500 members.

In 2018 he joined Nedbank helping with their digital transformation journey. He is part of the Digital Fast Lane, a division of Nedbank designed to disrupt the market and drive innovation at the same speed of business. He runs a team of talented individuals who’s pushing the status quo on a daily basis, building highly scalable CI/CD frameworks and cultivating a new culture within Nedbank.