Jatin Bhasin

Jatin Bhasin

Sr. Business Analyst
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Jatin Bhasin

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fintech business-agility analysis case-study collaboration lean

Jatin's key interest lies in solving real user problems through software and improve their lives in some way. Over the last 10+ years of his career, he has juggled many hats during various stages of software lifecycle -  writing code, test automation, doing analysis, facilitating inceptions, creating story maps, visualizing workflows and prioritizing backlogs. As a strong believer in self-organizing agile teams, Jatin sees his role primarily as being a facilitator, working with the team(s) and the business stakeholders to help them identify and deliver the highest consumer value using the processes or practices that work best for them, be it Scrum, Kanban or something else.

Before joining REA, Jatin has worked at MYOB and ThoughtWorks.