Jawaad Mahmood

Jawaad Mahmood

Customer Solution Architect
Heroku / Salesforce
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Jawaad Mahmood

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A proud father of three girls who lives in Tokyo. 

While in Japan, I have worked for myself, tiny startups, marketing companies, Coca-Cola and now Salesforce.  I ran the Salesforce team at Coca-Cola East Japan.  I am currently a Customer Solution Architect; among other things, I help customers at Heroku find issues with their current application's overall architecture and give them advice on what they could change to improve on metrics that they find important. 

My hobbies include cooking, snowboarding and board gaming; I run the Koenji Boardgame Club and have met a lot of cool people doing so. 

I enjoy building projects in Python, and have introduced it at several companies.  I've been tinkering with TypeScript and F# on-and-off for the past few years.  I've also been known to do some APEX development.