Jeff Kosciejew

Jeff Kosciejew

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Jeff Kosciejew

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Jeff is an Agile Coach who developed his skills over many years consulting & working with both large and small organizations across a diverse range of industries. His experience includes technical, non-technical, and fully cross-functional teams. He is always looking for ways to disrupt & highlight inefficient processes & systems to to enable & empower people's creativity, and maximize outcomes and value to organizations. His default approach to work, and life, is to turn pretty much everything into a game. Jeff thinks it's funny to write his own bio in the third person.

He's been a manager in a number of industries, including banking, a project manager & business analyst, consulted with agile teams and transformations, and even taught a project management course at college.

Jeff has taught and facilitated product ideation and design thinking workshops and activities, with story mapping, story writing, and backlog management at a number of companies. He has a passion for writing and refining quality product backlog items, and loves to help others with alternative ways to think about user stories and delivering rapidly value to customers with a very tight feedback loop.

Jeff has spoken at multiple conferences in Canada and the United States (most recently at Agile & Beyond), was included in five episodes of the Scrum Master Toolbox Podcast, and is part of the organizing team for the Agile Coach Camp Canada (East) un-conference and Play4Agile North America conference. He spends way more time than he should onTwitter, where he often engages on all sorts of agile and lean topics, including NoEstimates, Mob Programming, Kanban, Systems Thinking, Team & Interpersonal Dynamics, and other stuff, too. Jeff struggles to manage his own WIP.

Jeff loves learning, and is always looking to expand what he knows. About anything and everything. Jeff finds that the more he learns, the more he realizes he has to learn. Unlike those that think they suffer from Imposter Syndrome, Jeff actually suffers from it.

Jeff is a consummate generalist, knowing just a little about all sorts of off-the-wall topics, but just not quite enough in any topic to be useful, or dangerous.