Jeremias Rößler

Jeremias Rößler

CEO and founder of ReTest
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Jeremias Rößler

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Dr. Jeremias Rößler (Roessler, @roesslerj, he) has a PhD in Computer Science from Saarland University and more than 10 years of experience as a software developer and tester. He is the founder and CEO of @retest_en (, a German-based startup that brings AI to test automation and one of the authors of the iSQI/GASQ "AI and Software Testing" certification syllabus.

His refreshingly unusual approach to test automation (difference testing) has many advantages over conventional test automation and he shows how to combine it with AI to overcome the oracle problem. He has been speaker at many international conferences, both in academia and industry, and attendees call his talks visionary and amusing. His talks are rated 4.28 out of five and ranked second best of the conference. He is a writer, blogger (, developer & computer scientist.

He is very approachable and enjoys to be talked to, so don’t be shy. You can contact him easiest on Twitter or LinkedIn (