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Jeremy Dean

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Jeremy Dean

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I'm the founder and director of leadership company riders&elephants. I live to improve human-to-human relationships. My vision is to help leaders reimagine how they get their people. From how leaders connect with their people within an organisation, to how leaders work with their teams to better connect with their customers. I live by the philosophy – If your people aren't engaged, your customers won't be engaged.

I'm on a mission to help people see that you can design and build your culture. It starts with how you want your people to feel and not feel at work and designing rituals, conversations, and structures that in turn shape your culture and brand.

I love to make complex conversations simple. I despise 60 page, data-heavy reports from agencies on current and preferred culture and customer experiences – then neglect to work with clients to help people change their behaviour. I prefer to help teams change through radical incremental changes. Always starting, learning and adapting and starting with small successes (and sometimes failures). Then take these small successes and continually iterate to make things better.

I study human behaviour and psychology to better understand why we do what we do. I believe if leaders understand what motivates human beings, we can help people and organisations change for the better.

I love to design tools and methods people can use together to co-create better connections with others. My focus is always on how to help people have to have so-called 'difficult' or 'challenging' conversations.

Outside of all this, my passions lie outdoors on the cricket field, golf course or Fly-fishing on the river. Ps. why do we always leave our hobbies and passions outside of work till the end of our bio?