Joann Alicea, CFCI, CHTI

Joann Alicea, CFCI, CHTI

U.S. Treasury FinCEN SAR Checkbox for Human Trafficking
Certified Financial Crimes Investigator, Certified Human Trafficking Investigator
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Joann Alicea, CFCI, CHTI

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My name is Joann Alicea and since 2011 I have been lobbying the US Treasury Financial Crimes Enforcement Network known as FinCEN to update the Suspicious Activity Report known as the SAR for a Human Trafficking Checkbox Category. The SAR is used by all US Financial Institutions to report on illicit activity by simply following the money. Please see my article published in the 23rd Edition of the FinCEN SAR Activity Review Trends, Tips and Issues entitled FinCEN SAR Checkbox for Human Trafficking by Joann Alicea; Page 67; Article URL listed below:
Updating the SAR for a Human Trafficking Checkbox will do so much to help rescue victims, arrest traffickers by simply following the money trail in reporting the horrific crime of human trafficking through the SAR Process to Law Enforcement.

Please see my most recent interview on How the Fight Against Human Trafficking/Human Smuggling Continues in ACAMS Today