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Joe Stepowski

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Joe Stepowski

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I am a Senior Software Developer with experience across a range of platforms, technologies and industries

I am not a dev who shuts himself off from the world and churns out code. I love being presented with problems and writing code to solve them, but I also love being part of a team and interacting with people

I also have significant Agile experience, both as a developer but also as a Scrum Master / Iteration Manager. I am passionate about short feedback cycles, getting working software in front of the business as soon as possible, and bringing them along the journey

I utilise XP practices like TDD, pair programming and continuous integration to build quality in. I subscribe to Uncle Bob's Clean Code philosophy. I challenge my team to do the same

I am passionate about helping the business maximise their Return on Investment by ensuring that my code doesn't sit on the shelf but is deployed to production as soon as possible.

I strive to be seen as a trusted advisor both within the Business and IT