Joe Fuqua

Joe Fuqua

Managing Director
CC Pace
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Joe Fuqua

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Agile analytics artificial intelligence blockchain data governance data strategy financial services machine learning operations management software-development telecommunications

Joe has over three decades of global experience in designing, deploying, and managing leading-edge technologies to create competitive advantage and enhance business value. He is a decisive, team-focused leader with proven success in “bridging the gap” between IT and Lines of Business, building common understanding, improving relationships, and delivering on commitments. 

Joe received his MBA from the Owen Graduate School of Management at Vanderbilt University.  In addition, Joe is a scientist, with degrees in Physics and Mathematics from the University of Kentucky, and a data scientist, with certifications from Johns Hopkins University.  

Joe served as an early contributor (during the 1980's) in the development of artificial intelligence, having led  research in expert systems and neural networks (bi-directional, Hopfield, and back-propagation networks), as well as advancements in multi-sensor integration and predictive modeling using Kalman filtering (now commonly used in auto-navigation applications).

Joe’s industry experience includes Financial Services, Telecommunications, Logistics, Retail and Energy, among others. Specific areas of expertise include analytics & information strategy, neural networks & machine learning, blockchain & smart contracts, collaboration & social learning, engagement/ program management, large-scale turn arounds, product development/marketing, technology strategy, and digital channel strategy.