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John Azariah

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John Azariah

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John has nearly 30 years of professional software development expertise, spanning a broad range of geographies, roles, domains, and technologies.

He spent the first 5 years of his career at Microsoft and Oracle as a software development engineer, helping ship such flagship applications such as Oracle Forms, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft Project. He was awarded a US patent for aspects of his work.

In 2003, he founded BrightSword Technologies Pte. Ltd., Singapore – an ISO 9001 organization – where he still serves on their technical advisory board. He was responsible for driving the company's innovation in code-generation technology, and consulted with several clients worldwide to design and architect solutions.

John moved to Australia in 2008 and worked with MYOB where he led the development of their flagship cloud-based accounting application, and the world's largest SQL Azure cluster; and with Commonwealth Bank of Australia (through Applied Data Science) in the implementation of their customer analytics pipeline.

During this time, he was recognized as one of the five Microsoft Azure MVPs in Australia.

He returned to Microsoft, Redmond in 2015 to work on the Microsoft Azure platform.

His experience with functional programming and DSL design saw him move to Microsoft Research where he led the compiler design of Microsoft Q# - a language for the domain of quantum computing. He is currently a Principal Architect in the Microsoft Quantum team.

John is a regular speaker at developer conferences around the world, on topics such as functional programming, quantum computing, cloud computing, language design, and other trends in technology and software architecture.

He graduated from Dartmouth College, NH, USA with a degree in Computer Science & Chemistry.