Jon Gedge

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I'm an agile and leadership coach with Elabor8. 

I started out as a developer, then moved through working with teams as a Scrum Master to working at all levels of organisations as an agile coach. I've seen the good, the bad and the ugly of agile transformations (quite a lot of the latter) and I've got the scars to show for it!

If you like to check speakers' 'bona-fides' before you decide whether to see them, I'm a certified team coach with the Scrum Alliance, I'm one of the millions who are certified in SAFe, the thousands who are certified in LeSS and the two who are certified in Disciplined Agile (just me and Scott Ambler I think :)). I also have undergraduate and postgraduate coaching qualifications and I'm a certified coach with the International Coach Federation. Oh, and I got a badge for putting up tents when I was a cub scout. :)