Jyoti Shukla

Jyoti Shukla

Vice President of User Experience
location_on United States

Member since 5 years


Jyoti Shukla

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Jyoti Shukla and her team of over 35 designers, researchers, and writers support Nordstrom's web, mobile, and in-store platforms. Jyoti is passionate about supporting user experience and revolutionizing digital products and solutions. She drives technology innovation, mobile product management, and web design to change the landscape of customer experience.

Jyoti joined Nordstrom in August 2014 as a Senior Manager of UX Design and was quickly promoted to Senior Director of User Experience. She now serves as Nordstrom's Vice President of User Experience. Jyoti comes from a background of marketing, public relations, and technology positions at companies including Microsoft and Starbucks.