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Karl Staib

Creating a great customer experience starts with creating a great employee experience. It's the Domino Effect of everything working together. When you aren't clearly listening to the feedback from your customer and employees you are losing out on creating a great experience at work and with your products.

I tell stories from my own experiences (struggles and successes) that will help people connect with their customers. I share data and ideas that help you improve your Customer (CX) and User Experience (UX) to create a Domino Experience (DX). Earning a customer attention, trust, and being able to clearly explain the benefits is what separates businesses who can sell well from businesses that struggles to close the deal. The same goes for your employees. Do they clearly understand what is expected of them and how to accomplish great results?

This requires creating a customer and employee feedback loop that helps you keep track of what is going well in your business as well as what isn't. Open communication can generate negative feedback, but it's this feedback where you will see the biggest growth.

When you are asking for feedback and even more important you are listening you show people that you care.