Kerrie Campbell

Kerrie Campbell

Flinders University
location_on Australia

Member since 2 years


Kerrie Campbell

Specialises In
Agile Digital Transformation management

Kerrie has worked in the IT industry in various sectors including
banking, Utilities, Federal Government and Higher Education for
the last 30 years.

Kerrie previously acted in the CIO role at the University of Adelaide
and has been responsible for the implementation and development
of the continuous improvement culture and improved delivery at
the University of Adelaide.

Kerrie is currently CIO at Flinders University, she has a passion
for implementing progressive methods to improve IT delivery and
is a strong supporter and builder of positive cultures.
Kerrie has previously worked as Director in the Application
Services area for the Department of Human Services and
Business Manager for British Gas in the United Kingdom.
Kerrie has had seats on the 100% Project Board, Adelaide
University Council, SABREnet Board, SACE Board and eRSA

The vision of the 100% Project is to see 100% of Australia’s
leadership potential, female and male, equally contributing to our
social and economic future.

She is a regular speaker at National and International conferences
and most recently spoke at Agile Australia’s 10th year Conference.