Kim Brainard

Kim Brainard

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Kim Brainard

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Kim believes you create your own reality by the way you think and therefore act. You cannot blame circumstances, because you are not your circumstances. You are your possibilities. If you know that, you can do anything. Kim applies this analogy personally and professionally in real-life experiences.

Kim is sometimes referred to as “Unconventional” for her creative tactics to generate transparency and encourage self-development and as a “People Whisperer” for her street-savvy style of coaching that brings out the best in people. Kim’s fusion of real-life stories and her conversational techniques connect her with people of all walks of life on an intimate, intense, and individual level.
Kim founded a nonprofit, Santa Pays It Forward, dedicated to helping elderly in need not just during the holidays but throughout the year. Kim adopted her first Senior in 2009 and as of 2015, Santa Pays It Forward adopted 528 Seniors throughout Maryland and Virginia. Kim works with hundreds of volunteers to organize and host fundraising events, overseas donations, marketing, host events for the Seniors, speaks at community functions to promote awareness, manages interns, and works with several organizations throughout communities.  Kim attributes the success of Santa Pays It Forward to implementing the Scrum and Kanban framework and Agile principles which proved to be ideal for the organization. Kim’s passion to help the elderly turned into reality and has continued to grow year after year.