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kiran karkera

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kiran karkera

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Clojure graphical models machine-learning machine-learning-&-deep-learning

In my data science career, I have had the opportunity to wear different hats.

As a consultant, I help customers in their journey to use data for decision making. I work with them to understand the strengths and weaknesses of the data they have and advise them on the possible choices for analytical solutions. I collaborate with them to implement machine learning solutions and productize the solution to aid their experts in decision making.

As a product lead, I have led teams in building products that use machine learning and NLP, in the domain of customer experience and product sales recommendations.

As a machine learning engineer, I have built ML solutions and contributed to open source ML tool-kits in the Clojure ecosystem such as Cortex and Clj-ml. I’ve participated in a few ML competitions, and I have been placed among the top 1% of data scientists at (as of Dec 2013).

I have authored a book ‘Building Probabilistic Graphical Models in Python’, which is a gentle introduction to Graphical Models that have applications in Machine Learning and NLP.

I have filed two patents that help improve Femtocell Devices and Smallcell Device Management Server efficiency using machine learning approaches.

I’m a programmer with 19 years of product development experience, having donned the roles of a developer, team lead and architect in start-ups and product companies.

I have worked in varied domains such as Ad-tech, Customer Experience, Network and Device Management and FMCG. I have also worked with many cross functional as well as globally diverse teams.