Kiran Vajapey

Kiran Vajapey

HCI Developer
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Kiran Vajapey

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querying-strategies python jupyter tensorflow scikit-learn machine-learning-&-deep-learning

- Designer, product architect, full stack engineer, professional student -

I build products that help people solve problems. As a developer I am goal oriented and believe in road mapping, failing fast, and user feedback. I have built numerous products from the ground up, always making sure to test small iterations and be aware of my target audience. The best product is one that people use. 

I believe that learning is an ongoing process and seek out knowledge in any setting. I strive to be the odd man out, continuously surrounding myself with individuals who are smarter than me. This allows me to observe people and learn from those with more experience.

Beyond that I love cars, travel, and feel like summaries put people in a box. Feel free to connect, I am always happy to chat!