Koki Shimizu

Koki Shimizu

Agile Coach
Red Hat
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Member since 6 years


Koki Shimizu

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hardening_sprint own-process_completion quality_management scrum_elements sprint test 組織変革とプロセス改善-organizational-change-and-process-improvement 達人スクラムマスターへの道-a-way-to-be-a-pragmatic-scrummaster

Koki Shimizu is an agile coach at Red Hat, working primarily with enterprise companies in Japan. He was certified as a Certified Team Coach(CTC) in September 2021.

He is a true coach and is well versed in CoActive Coaching, ORSC (System Coaching). His way of being a coach and facilitator attracts people to work with him. And everyone around him becomes more energetic. In agile coaching, he incorporates various ideas and methods such as CoAcitve, ORSC, Facilitator's Guide to Participatory Decision-Making, Six Trumps, Training from the back of the room, Visual Meeting and many other ideas and methods to make the workplace more enjoyable.

He is also the co-founder and operator of the "Scrum実験室(Lab)", an expert Scrum community in Japan. He is also the co-founder and operator of Open MIX UP, a volunteer organization that facilitates social issues.

He has been practicing agile for more than 7 years. He also has experience in agile adaptation in the hardware field. He is an agile coach with over 17 years of experience as a programmer, systems engineer, architect, development leader, project manager, ScrumMaster. He has helped organizations on their agile journey to adopt or improve Scrum and other agile frameworks in troubled projects, organizations and new product development.