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I'm founder and CEO of - a platform for great developers to meet great opportunities. Before GeekTrust, I was with i2 technologies (now JDA), MBT (now TechMahindra) and ThoughtWorks (for 9 years). I've been in the software industry for more than a decade, and have worked on agile projects in India, US, Australia and the UK. I've been a developer, quality analyst, iteration manager, agile coach & trainer, project manager, and delivery manager.

I am fascinated by the social angle of software development. And believe that technology has only touched the surface of how it can bring people closer. Team dynamics and how relationships influence deliverables from software teams is also something that intrigues me. A team that knows and is inspired by what needs to be done has a much much larger chance of being successful than a team of super-stars. My job has always been to build strong teams, inspire and motivate individuals & teams, while delivering high value for my customers.