Kuldeep Jiwani

Kuldeep Jiwani

Sr. Principal Data Science Architect
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Kuldeep Jiwani

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"topological-space-creation" big-data-clustering data-science-at-scale sessionisation stochastic-periods time-sequenced-events

Entrepreneur, Technology Visionary, Data Science Architect, Performance Architect

Built large scale Machine Learning solutions over TBs of data. Building topological spaces and manifolds with billions of nodes. Distributed clustering over huge distance matrices. Designing and architecting billion nodes graphs and Ontologies.

Was key architect in building a JVM performance monitoring tool AD4J in Auptyma that was acquired by Oracle in 2007. Presented this tool in GIDS (Great India Developer Summit) 2008. Performance specialist in Big Data technologies - Apache Hadoop, Apache Spark, Yarn, Redis, HBase Applying Machine Learning and Machine Intelligence to Big Data problems to do analytics at large scale