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Kurt Bittner has had a long and varied career in software delivery. As a developer, he developed and delivered software supporting dynamic financial management processes in very rapid cycles. As consultant focusing on RDBMS application architecture, he helped a wide variety of organizations to improve their application performance and datamanagrement strategies. As a product manager, he shaped product strategy and contributed to an object database industry standard. As a software product line owner he realigned teams to improve innovation, growing revenues and reviving the product line. As a software process improvement consultant, he helped organizations adopt new software delivery approaches by improving skills and overcoming cultural resistance to change. As an industry analyst, he focused on how organizations are using Agile and DevOps practices to improve their their speed and quality of delivery while reducing cost and improving business performance. At Scrum.org he is focused on scaling Scrum to the enterprise level, both in terms of breadth (consistent practices across teams) and depth (applying Scrum to complex products that span Scrum teams).

Prior to joining Scrum.org, Kurt was a Principal Analyst at Forrester Research, where he focused on Agile and DevOps trends, specifically how Continuous Delivery Practices help remove impediments faced by Agile teams. Before that, he was CTO-Americas for Ivar Jacobson International where he spent 6 years helping organizations with their Agile adoption efforts. He was also a founding member of IBM's Jazz Platform team.