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I have completed my Masters from IIT Bombay in Computer Science and Engineering in 2017 and the area of specialization was Natural Language Processing, Deep Learning and Machine Learning. I have worked under the guidance of Prof. Pushpak Bhatacharyya in IIT Bombay on various topics like Sentiment analysis, Computational Sarcasm, Sentiment Intensity, Information Extraction etc. I joined as a Data Scientist in Microsoft AI & R Group, then moved to Salesforce and currently working as an Applied Researcher-2 for AI. I love to read papers related to ML, DL, NLP, Computer Vision etc. I contribute to open source and currently a contributor to scikit-learn ML Library, which is a very popular library for Machine Learning in python language.

Research Contributions: I have published 2 papers related to Sentiment Analysis and Sarcasm in top tier NLP conferences like EMNLP'17 and NAACL-WASSA'19 and have few US patents in Computer Vision  and Artificial Intelligence Area. My master's research on Sarcasm also got mentioned by the journalist of "The London Times" Newspaper and the link for the same is here: