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Laurent Chaply

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Laurent Chaply

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Since 2002, I’ve worked as a consultant for a Paris-based agency, specialized in e-commerce solutions. After 10 years spent refining every technical aspect of large e-commerce projects, I chose the path of Agile in 2012.

For me Agile is more than a collection of tools and practices. It’s a culture. It’s the way we think products, projects and how people collaborate to create them, focusing on continuous improvement as a common goal. I’ve been sharing and pushing forward this vision to the teams and clients I’ve been working with since then.

I also wanted this shift towards Agile to be more than a career change. After years of interest in Japan, its culture and its people, I decided in 2015 it was time to turn it into reality, travel to the country, and start the journey of learning the Japanese language. At that time I didn't imagine that I would still be there 3 year later working for a company carrying an Agile DNA, spreading it to clients willing to build great products and still enjoying the learning process.

---- My values ----

• I’m not locked in a single methodology. I always try to mix ideas, practices and discover new ones to meet the team goals. 
• I like working in diversity. Mixing different backgrounds, experiences, languages and cultures always create stronger and more innovative results. 
• I'm not scared of making mistakes, every experiment is an opportunity to learn and improve.
• I value a working environment where laughing and having fun is not opposed to hard work and excellence. For me it’s a catalyst to creativity.