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Are you dealing with high people turnover in your small to medium business? This is often reflective of staff disengagement, poor communication and even pockets of toxicity including bullying.

My Resilient Workplace Dynamics program is designed to identify the specific issues and support the team members to come together and align with the company moving forward, and when implemented well, those who no longer align generally choose to move on.

As humans we all have fundamental needs, from the work of Tony Robbins, in researching over 3 million people, we all have the need for certainty (comfort, safety, security), uncertainty (variety, adventure, challenge), significance, love/connection, Growth and Contribution. The first four constituent two complimentary pairs, and create our drivers that influence the way we live our lives. Called the needs of the personality. The last two called the needs of the spirit are what govern our quality of life. Without meeting these last two it is difficult to experience happiness. Therefore as business owners, it is imperative to learn how to recognise and enable our team members to fulfil their needs because when we do this we create high performing individuals and can create teams that work well together, meaning higher productivity making the bottomline healthier.

As a Meta DynamicsTM level 1, 11 and 111 trained coach and Extended DISC profiler I have the skills and expertise to deliver swift and sustainable change into the work environment. The added benefit is higher quality outcomes for home as well, through improved self understanding, better communication skills, greater ability to build effective relationships.

I highly value the importance of improving social awareness, having great behavioural flexibility, i.e. emotional intelligence. As a recovering square peg, who once had low self management and social awareness I truly appreciate the difference from both a business and personal perspective.