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Leslie Lowman

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Leslie Lowman

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Leslie is an IT professional that has had a number of years of experience in using XP (Extreme Programming), Lean, Scrum, and Kanban methodologies in development and implementation. She continues to help guide teams using these methodologies ensuring the best quality product and satisfying the customer. Leslie’s background includes most all ‘hats’ of IT, including developer, designer, project manager, and Scrum Master. She has great experience in web-based technologies, system integration, compliance integration, design and development of new systems, as well as, customization and implementation of off-the-shelf packages. Leslie’s industry experience centers around real estate and financial, from Fortune 100 companies to firms of less than 20 people.

As a Scrum Master, Leslie has helped both co-located teams and distributed teams become successful in using the various methodologies that Agile defines. Leslie has taken teams that had not had a successful project for years and helped them, via the Agile methodologies, to become a ‘stand-out group’ for others to use as a model.

Leslie has written numerous blogs and white papers in the various areas surrounding the Agile approach. Some topics include: what goes on inside a Sprint, the real purpose of unit testing, the real way to include testing, and the real meaning of a Product Owner’s Acceptance Criteria.

Leslie Lowman is someone that is accomplished in both training and coaching individuals and teams in the ways of Agile. She has trained over 10,000 people in the various Agile methodologies and coached numerous teams in how to be successful with the Agile approach. A goal of Leslie’s, while working with an organization, is to understand their needs and help define the best combination of methodologies to make them successful. As she often states during training and coaching, “Agile is a journey that may have bumps and dips in the road, but it is a challenge for all of us to ensure the bumps and dips don’t define our failure”. Based on this thought, Leslie helps organizations understand that it is not an overnight process to transition to a successful Agile approach and that it can be tough to keep going when they encounter a hardship. For everyone she trains and coaches her goal is to ensure they understand how easy it is to go back to what is comfortable, especially when they hit one of these ‘bumps’ and that the only way to have a successful transition is to resist that urge and keep moving by employing the basics of Agile-inspection and adaption.

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