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Lin Lu

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Lin Lu

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I am a senior business analyst and a non-technical person on a technical team. From taking requirements to helping with solution design, to executing tests, to building and maintaining stakeholder relationships, I collaborate and add value wherever I can.

I came to Australia 18 years to study an exchange program from my high school. I enjoyed my time in Australia so much that I stayed on and completed a degree in Business Information System.

My first real job was as a data entry role at National Australia Bank, where I learned a lot about internal systems, and client care- internal and external.

A year later I moved to an Admissions Specialist role within the largest University of Australia. It was a job of special meaning to me as I was able to help students around the globe to come to experience the Australian way of learning and living.

My career developed within the Uni in exciting but unexpected ways. I took a change analyst role for the university's very first digital project - the eAdmissions system, before joining the PMO of the IT department as a Business Analyst.

The next eight years saw me working on many of the IT projects that delivered software to the 70,000 University students and staff. It was an incredible period of personal growth and agile evolution. I learned the ins and outs of building a successful software, and on the flip side, learned the common mistakes that lead to failure.

 I was eager to build products day to day, and eventually, I struck out into the product development via my current role at MYOB.

Now my focus is to help a team of great technologists build innovative payroll solution into MYOB products for our 1.2 million customers. Pretty crucial, as we know one in every four Australians has their pay calculated by MYOB products!

To maintain a tech-life balance, I go for long walks and read satirical blogs poking fun at corporate culture, the tech world and everything in between.