Mangala Kader

Mangala Kader

CTO | Co-Founder
Iteron Technologies Private Limited | ElixirExperts
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Mangala Kader

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Agile automation DevOps Elixir Erlang functional programming leadership python software-engineering

I have been a part of the IT industry for over 7 years, gaining expertise with new technologies that come out every year.

I'm always enthusiastic about exploring new things in my life, that has shaped me into who I'm now and what I want.

I have always wanted to help people in line with my profession through my knowledge and I also like to put myself down the line and get to know the clients requirements better before proposing any solutions, which has earned me a good long-lasting relationship.

My passion for tech can be traced back to my college days, where I strongly felt that certain things can be automated with technology without having to put so much effort and I proved it to my friends and seniors about a couple of times during symposiums and conferences ultimately making me fall in love with the experience of exploring technologies.