Marc Florit

Marc Florit

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Marc Florit

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10 years ago I start dating Agile officially. I was being Agile from long time ago, but I didn't know it. I was trying to help customers to get better products, teams to work in more efficient ways and, in general, people to enjoy what they were doing. I was an Agile mind trapped in the body of a traditional Manager. What a mess! Now this period is gone and from those years I learnt 1000+ ways of not doing things right and taking the wrong decisions.

Now for the last 5 years, I collaborate as Agile Coach aiming to transform big organisations by helping people understand their purpose, realising their core values and feeling they are owning the whole system cause that's the key: You should feel and act like the CEO.

Even I work now for really Big Corporations my social proposal is to shift this focus into earlier stages. I mean, my wish is that in 15-20 years will not exist Agile Coaches as we are known nowadays. Agile must be experienced from kindergarten to grow Agile citizens who will live their lives and lead their companies with a true Agile mindset. I've got an Agile dream. what's yours?