Marco Zanchi

Marco Zanchi

Sr. Analyst Programmer
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Marco Zanchi

Born in Brazil, from an Italian family, I have been interested in design and science from an early age. After finishing technical high school in Electronics, I studied Mathematics at university level, going on to do research in inverse problems applied to brain imaging, after I moved to the UK.

I have been working as a software developer for over 8 years now. During this time I participated in projects for several major investment banks and brokers, developing exclusively on our internal platform: Syn~.

Syn~, is a standards-based engine for the execution of business processes and rules, around which we have captured best industry practices for key application areas such as settlements, order management and routing and reference data management. It was developed from the ground up at a time when Java enterprise frameworks were very immature or inexistent.

During my career at GBST I have participated in leadership development programmes and have been a key actor in the evolution of our agile approach, championing technologies and practices such as Continuous Integration and Scrum.

Currently my main role is to provide soft leadership to our development team in Vietnam, assisting with communication, team structure, technical knowledge, and overall evolution of our coding practices.