Marie-Christine Legault

Marie-Christine Legault

Vice President Business Development and Partnerships
Pyxis Technologies
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Member since 2 years


Marie-Christine Legault

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Marie-Christine Legault


At Pyxis for 4 years now, Marie-Christine is a member of the management team. She is known for her passion for communications and human relations. She understands the innovative nature of Agility.

She sees that Agile approaches enable experimentation while creating exceptional relationships, content, which allows her to rapidly adjust behaviours, client interaction and feedback.

Marie-Christine’s mission is no longer to carry out a project, but to stimulate ideas and guide people in order for clients and teams to feel engaged in the process and to take an active part in it, from Hello to execution.

Her objective is to be true and also to invest herself in order to encourage reflection, sharing and breaking silos… while adapting to contingencies with Agility.

To do so, a shift in position is required. Why? Because Agility is accepting to expose oneself. It is to work with our clients, to hold ideation sessions with them, etc. It is to reveal unreservedly our operating mode. Not besides, nor in reaction; on the spot. To be true.

Marie-Christine worked for major advertising agencies where she managed large accounts such as Nestlé Canada, Pepsi-Cola, Gaz Métro, Disney, and Crayola.