Marina Alex. Simonova

Marina Alex. Simonova

University of Business Agility
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Marina Alex. Simonova

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Agile in Medicine Agile in Sales Agile outside IT

I am a тop expert in the world in Agile Sales.

Do you know that Agile is the best thing that can happen to your sales?
Do you know that thanks to Scrum and Kanban, sales people improve their indicators by 84% on average?
How do I know that? It's because Agile Sales is what I do in life. I have launched over 170 is Scrum sales teams and I lead Agile transformation in companies which have over 1000 employees.
I am a professional in Agile outside IT.
In my portfolio I have worked with different companies in various sectors like Nuclear, Construction, Dental, Banking and others.

I understand the language of business because for over 8 years I worked in top five finance companies in Russia. Now I am a founder of two companies, Agile Space and University of Business Agility

When I talk about Agile, you can be sure that even your grandmother will understand. :)

I am a professional coach and have multiple certifications and awards. I am a co-author of a book on Lean Agile marketing, a popular blogger and speaker.
But most importantly I am not doing this just in theory, but I apply it! If you're interested in the topic of Agile Sales, write me, ask questions.