Mario Latreille

Mario Latreille

Enterprise Delivery Evolution Mentor and Coach
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Mario Latreille

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My mission is to enable evolution toward true agility in the delivery of value, through facilitation, training, mentoring, and coaching at all levels within enterprises.  I leverage over 20 years in the delivery of large scale, strategic initiatives in helping enterprises enhance their ability to delivery value in a timely manner.

My professional profile includes experience in implementing agility practices at the team, program, and portfolio levels and, even though I hold formal certifications, I consider myself to be somewhat agnostic to specific frameworks.  I do however hold certifications in scaled agile, Lean, Kanban, and project delivery.

I truly enjoy disrupting the status quo but greatly appreciate and respect the context in which I am placed.

Lastly, contributing to the community is becoming a personal driver in my profession.  I have served on the board of directors in a SW start-up and am now contributing to the Tameflow academy, advancing the knowledge base and real-life applications for combining the Theory to Constraints with Kanban for continuous improvements in speed of delivery.