Mark Allen

Mark Allen

Principal Developer
Alert Logic
location_on United States

Member since 3 years


Mark Allen

Specialises In (based on submitted proposals)
erlang rebar3 dependency-management erlang-factory riak_core masterless-multi-node distributed-systems tools-and-infra

Wrote internal and Internet-facing REST APIs in Erlang, Python, and Perl.

Expert on the riak_core distributed systems foundational tool kit.

Enjoys keeping up with academic research and publications about distributed systems.

Frequent open source contributor (

  • Primary maintainer of an EC2 client library (Net::Amazon::EC2)
  • Primary maintainer of the perldoc utility. (Pod::Perldoc)
  • Contributor to the Docker project.
  • Author of a tool to install Erlang releases side-by-side and switch between them easily.
  • Creator of to help developers learn Erlang.
  • Several other web service clients in python, perl and Erlang.

Started and coordinate a functional programming languages meet up in Houston. Also active in local Perl and Python meetups as a speaker and attendee.

Speaker at OSCON 2011, 2012, 2013, Strange Loop 2014, RICON 2014, 2015, and Erlang Factory 2014, 2015 and other regional conferences.