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Marsha Shenk

In the trenches with leaders for almost four decades, I'm a pioneer in Business Anthropology. Seasoned  with clients' struggles to go fast enough, learn enough, right- size, grow bench strength, create new products and services, out-maneuver the competition; it's all still fascinating.

To me, commerce is an ancient human dance that can be substantially illuminated by modern Ecosystem thinking, Game Theory, Social Neuroscience, Philosophy of Language and Anthropology.  That cocktail  will likely expand as the century gallops along; we will continue to need new eyes, new ears, and new practices to breed Agility in a changing world.              

In this moment, companies of everysize and industry are hearing the the call to Business Agility: individuals, teams and organizations are heeding the challenge to be fit to thrive no matter what happens in the marketplace. 

More and more of us know that 'we' will thrive only by working, learning, and designing together; that imperative has favored our socially-sensitive brains for more than 200,000 generations.  We need new tools, skills and mindsets to move beyond what we know.        

Our brains did not evolve with that ability, but we can cultivate it.  The more humility we bring to exploring our [inevitable] shared vulnerability, the richer the rewards.