Matteo Carella

Specialises In
Agile agile-coaching agile-leadership agile-mindset agile-transformation business-agility coaching Complexity science culture cynefin Digital Transformation digital-transformation enterprise-agile HR leadership management organizational-change people-&-leadership scaling-agile strategy workshop 組織変革とプロセス改善-organizational-change-and-process-improvement

Facilitator, trainer, mentor and coach. In short: I help organizations, startups and teams to unlock their full potential in order to turn their way of working in a competitive market advantage, maximizing the value delivered for their costumers.

Actually my work is spreading agile and lean culture, helping people with theory and practice, mentoring, facilitating and supporting them. I also coach teams, managers and executives (CTOs, CEOs) in order to help them grow strong in applying Agile methodologies to their work. My mission: helping organizations in create, share, use and manage knowledge, foster innovation and turn their way of working in a competitive advantage at sustainable peace for their employees, through the continuos improvement, maximizing the value delivered for their customers.

Conference speaker. Cynefin practitioner. A lot of my background and professional career is influenced and related to Complexity theory and studies. I believe in people, in incremental and iterative approaches and embracing culture changes over process standardization.