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Matteo Carella

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Matteo Carella

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Facilitator, trainer, mentor and coach. In short: I help organizations, startups and teams to unlock their full potential in order to turn their way of working in a competitive market advantage, maximizing the value delivered for their costumers.

I started my career as backend developer, then I became a frontend engineer with solid full-stack skills. I also worked in the UI/UX and product design field. Usability passionate, I still love beautifully handcrafted user interfaces, clean and good code, great and usable products. Having a strong technical and business background in the software field I helped customers to deliver products on high quality standards with high impact on the market.

Actually my work is spreading agile and lean culture, helping people with theory and practice, mentoring, facilitating and supporting them. I also coach teams, managers and executives (CTOs, CEOs) in order to help them grow strong in applying Agile methodologies to their work. My mission: helping organizations in create, share, use and manage knowledge, foster innovation and turn their way of working in a competitive advantage at sustainable peace for their employees, through the continuos improvement, maximizing the value delivered for their customers.

Conference speaker. Cynefin practitioner. A lot of my background and professional career is influenced and related to Complexity theory and studies. I believe in people, in incremental and iterative approaches and embracing culture changes over process standardization.