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Matthew Kleiman

Software Engineer & Manager
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Matthew Kleiman

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Matt Kleiman is passionate about transforming the way the world builds software. Matt struggled with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and other learning disabilities during his first 8 years in the tech industry. His first two years as a developer at Pivotal Labs NY provided him with such relief from his struggles that he was able to grow in ways he never even imagined. Today Matt is not only a software engineer and consultant, but he is also a manager at Pivotal Labs’ DC office, where he helps others craft their own career journeys.

Matt loves traveling. In 2018 he flew over 100,000 miles in 7 different countries. He and his wife are always looking for cheap flight deals they can turn into great vacations. This year he has put great care into the growth of his mustache, and he fondly refers to his travels as #MustacheOnTheMove. Ask him about the time he flew from DC to Singapore and back in one weekend!

Matt has spoken passionately about Extreme Programming and Lean Product Management for several years, most recently at Agile on the Beach 2019 ( In 2017 he won the lightning talk competition at Postgres Vision for a 4 minute talk on the power of bringing Test Driven Development into the open source community ( You can find Matt's writings on Medium.