Michael Ackerbauer

Michael Ackerbauer

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Michael Ackerbauer

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I'm a transformation junkie. I am a former database developer and systems administrator. In mid-career I discovered I have greater passion for developing the people who develop technology than developing the technology myself. I am a seasoned development and program manager who thrives on change and synthesizing organizational dynamics to bring clarity of out ambiguity. I am a doctoral candidate in Creatlve Leadership for Innovation & Change.

I speak fluent end user and stakeholder, and am conversant in several technical and architectural dialects. I am skilled at breaking down business concepts into user stories and functional specifications. I excel at professional networking, especially over buffalo wings. I'm also a certified rock balancer.

My passion is facilitating the FourSight Breakthrough Thinking methodology for accelerating organizational transformation. In layman's terms, I love to show teams where their collaborative energy lies and help them augment their strengths with tools and techniques to make them creative powerhouses.

I have a BBA in Management Information Systems and MSc. in Change Leadership & Creative Problem Solving. I am a Creative Leadership for Innovation & Change doctoral candidate from the University of the Virgin Islands.