Michael Chik

Michael Chik

Lean & Agile Coach
McKinsey & Company
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Michael Chik

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Michael has over 20 years of experience in the IT industry. He started freelancing as a web developer at the tender age of 14 and discovered the power of agile and scrum late 2001, shortly after the Agile Manifesto was born. He has been helping people improve the way they work ever since.

As Senior Agile Coach at McKinsey, Michael helps large enterprises to rekindle their entrepreneurial spirit and enables them to adapt to a world of constant change. Based out of Hong Kong, he works with many large Fortune 500 companies all around the world, although his real passion is still working with small and nimble startups.

Michael is passionate about growing the community wherever he goes. He was co-organiser of the London Scrum User Group, founder of Lean Kanban Singapore, contributor to Agile Singapore and is now also co-organiser of Agile Hong Kong.