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My primary focus is driving positive transformation. I believe positive change can occur in any system, no matter how complex, and any organization, no matter the culture. Technology is about enabling beneficial change across the board; it is up to the IT folks - analysts, architects, developers, testers, and ops - to make sure those changes are for the good.

I have spent the bulk of my career looking at the intersection of the need to solve a problem, what a real understanding of a problem looks like, and how to apply technology as part of the solution. A gap in many of today’s large enterprise efforts lives within that space: Often proposed solutions do not consider the whole picture and do not solve core enterprise and distributed system problems that must be resolved in order to create real value. The team must work within that space to find real problems and valuable, workable solutions.

My background includes 25 years of technical analysis, design, and systems development experience, usually within the larger context of a complex environment or enterprise transformation efforts. I've worked for companies like IBM and Xerox, and clients including Liberty Mutual, Fannie Mae, the Social Security Administration, state and local governments, and the Department of Veterans Affairs.

I've led teams in small 5-person startups and also guided large 150+ team member projects to success, usually coming in as the projects were struggling. In each turnaround, the team’s agility, flexibility, and commitment were key factors in the program’s success. Consistently the critical element of success was uncovering the true problems within the larger context of the system and systematically working to resolve them.

My core inspiration is technology as a means to improve the lives and well being of people and their communities.