Michal Vanek

Michal Vanek

Lead QA Engineer
Avast Software
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Michal Vanek

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desktop windows getting-started

I began to work as a quality engineer at Sun Microsystems on the NetBeans project, later joining the Kenai team where I was responsible for testing of the web front-end. Currently I am Lead QA engineer at Avast Software, in the testing department. where I am responsible for testing of all Avast antivirus consumer products, management and coordination test/developer teams. I participate in all phases of testing, from manual testing to design and development of automated tests, test plan creation and building a test infrastructure for new Avast features.


Conferences highlights:

  • Jenkins user Conference New York, USA
    • http://www.cloudbees.com/jenkins-user-conference-2012-newyork-speakers.cb
  • The Czech Test 2013, international conference on software and systems testing
  • The Czech Test 2014, international conference on software and systems testing
    • http://czechtest.com/building-qa-infrastructure-dont-be-afraid-open-source