Miho Nagase

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fancy-game workshop とにかく明るい ゲームで学ぶ-learn-by-playing-game スクラムってなに?-what-is-scrum?

Founder and CBO / Agile Coach, Attractor Inc. Co-author of "SCRUM BOOT CAMP THE BOOK." Co-translator of the Japanese version of many Agile-related books, like "97 Things Every Scrum Practitioner Should Know," "Agile for Everybody," "Beyond Legacy Code," "Agile Coaching," and "Joy Inc."
See my books: https://www.amazon.co.jp/%E6%B0%B8%E7%80%AC-%E7%BE%8E%E7%A9%82/e/B00BB7XY2M

She has been an Agile practitioner since 2009 and adopted Agile in her organization as a functional manager at the end of her career in a SI company. She has been a software engineer for over 15 years and has extensive experience in project management in a traditional software development environment. She also focuses on community and training young people and teaches agile development through project-based learning at several universities.

Certified Scrum Professional (CSP). Visiting professor at Advanced Institute of Industrial Technology. Part-time lecturer at the University of the Ryukyus and the University of Tsukuba. Organizer of Reginal Scrum Gathering Tokyo and TDDYYχ.