Miho Nagase

Specialises In
fancy-game workshop とにかく明るい ゲームで学ぶ-learn-by-playing-game スクラムってなに?-what-is-scrum?

Founder and CBO / Agile Coach, Attractor Inc. Co-author of "SCRUM BOOT CAMP THE BOOK". Co-translator of the Japanese version of "97 Things Every Scrum Practitioner Should Know", "Agile for Everybody", "Beyond Legacy Code", "Agile Coaching", and "Joy Inc.

She has been an Agile practitioner since 2009 and adopting Agile in her organization as a functional manager at the end of her career in a SI company. She has been a software engineer for more than 15 years and has extensive experience in project management in a traditional software development environment. She also focuses on community and training of young people and teaches agile development through project-based learning at several universities.

Certified Scrum Professional (CSP). Visiting professor at Advanced Institute of Industrial Technology. Part-time lecturer at the University of the Ryukyus and the University of Tsukuba. Organizer of Reginal Scrum Gathering Tokyo and TDDYYχ.