Muqeet Khan

Muqeet Khan

Agile Software Consultant
Kentor AB
location_on Sweden

Member since 4 years


Muqeet Khan

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Muqeet - a motivated, agile and quality conscious developer.

Through the years Muqeet worked on many different projects and have developed a unique ability to see the big picture of the system being developed. This means that he is easy to initiate discussions about architecture, process and helping the team at finding the best solution. 

Muqeet like systems, and he specializes in advanced web applications. Muqeet's ability to quickly learn new technologies and frameworks make him a valuable member of a development team. He is highly motivated, has an agile mindset and finds it easy to focus and solve complex problems.

One thing that makes him unique is his interest in the processes like Scrum, Kanban and he understands what it means to be Agile and Lean. Since he likes to code he usually prefers to be a Technical Scrum Master participating in design and architecture or he is usually in the background helping Scrum Master and building teams.

Started from India he then moved to Scandinavia. He has quite good experience of distrubited Scrum and was one of the speakers at Agile Conference in Malmö (Sweden)