Nadir Khan

Nadir Khan

Founder | Organizational Agility Consultant
AgileKhan Pty Ltd
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Nadir Khan

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Nadir Khan is a thought leader in the ‘Organizational Agility & Transformation’ space. 


As the Founder and Principal Consultant at AgileKhan, Nadir is credited with transforming some of Australia’s largest businesses across multiple industries - Telco, Utilities, Banking, Insurance, Cyber Security, Retail to name a few.


He holds a plethora of academic qualifications in Technology, Organizational Agility and Leadership Styles. These help him strike a balance between theory and practice in his body of work.


Nadir is passionate about helping organizations start their journeys on the right foot. He regularly shares his experiences at conferences, on blogs and podcasts about why transformations often fail and how to avoid common pitfalls.