Naresha K .

Specialises In (based on submitted proposals)
java jvm groovy webdriver tools-and-infrastructure best-practices fp-java getting-started haskell functional-programming languages-and-tools non-blocking event-driven selenium everyday-fp java8 geb selenium-internals jvm-bootcamp eclipse-collections streams-api vavr test-framework continuous-delivery microservices resilience micronaut chaos-engineering testcontainer

Naresha works as an Agile Coach at AgileFAQs. He has been developing enterprise software and coaching developers for more than 10 years. He is passionate about learning new technologies, and techniques and applying them to solve business problems. 

Naresha is the founder organiser of Bangalore Groovy Grails Meetup. He has been a speaker at several conferences including Selenium Conf, Functional Conf and Grails Conf India, GR8 Conf India, GIDS. He also writes regularly for 'Healthy Code' magazine.