Neil Killick

Neil Killick

Lead Agile Coach
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Neil Killick

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Neil is a passionate Agile and Lean thinker, manager, coach, blogger, tweeter and international speaker.

He has been developing software professionally for over 19 years across a wide variety of roles and industries, in companies ranging in size from startup to large corporation.

Neil is one of the early pioneers of the #NoEstimates movement and is the creator of the Slicing Heuristic method. He is an invited speaker at conferences worldwide including Dev Day Sri Lanka, Agile Testing and Test Automation Summit, Agile Singapore, ScanAgile, Agile Australia, 1st Conf, DDD, SIGiST and LAST.

His mission is to help organizations become better at delivering software while creating more humane, happy workplaces. To achieve this, Neil focuses on providing the people doing the work with an environment which allows them to thrive.