Nic Marks

Nic Marks

CEO & founder
Happiness Works
location_on United Kingdom

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Nic Marks

As CEO and founder of Happiness Works I am committed to changing the world of work for the better. We are convinced that without a definitive people metric that let's organizations understand how their people feel about their work, they cannot systematically improve. To meet this critical need, we provide science-based online tools that reflect back this data and empower organizations to change into happier and more productive workplaces that benefit employees, managers and shareholders.

Our tools are grounded in science, based on my experience leading the award-winning Centre for Well-being at the New Economics Foundation (NEF). The Centre focused on why wellbeing should be the aim of governments and policy makers. Happiness Works evolved to focus on why happiness (and wellbeing) pays at the corporate level, regardless of organizational type.

I remain a fellow of the New Economics Foundation and am on the board of Action for Happiness, a UK-based campaign for a happier society. My 2010 TED talk on the Happy Planet Index helped to popularize the idea that governments should create new measures of progress, beyond GDP. An explicit campaign goal at NEF was for the UK government to create a national indicator of wellbeing and this was achieved in 2012.

I will continue to dedicate myself to furthering the importance of happiness at every level and firmly believe that happiness is a serious business.