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Nirav Shah

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Nirav Shah is the Founder of OnPoint Insights, a data science and software services consultancy based in Boston. He has 10 years of consulting experience in data analytics, multivariate data modeling and software tools, off-line and real-time multivariate data solutions, and training customers in data analytics,dashboards and data visualization. He is an expert in Dashboards and Visualization using Tableau and other Multivariate Analytics software  such as JMP, SIMCA, Minitab, MODDE, Design Expert. 

He consults and teaches in applying data analytics for manufacturing, operations, supply chain, process control strategies with clients to improve manufacturing process and operational efficiency. He has implemented real- time process monitoring data analytics and fault detection systems for leading bio-pharma customers and clients from other industries such as chemical, pulp and paper, food and beverages. He helps customers in providing better process insights using data driven solutions.

He is also an Adjunct Faulty at University of Massachusetts where he teaches Engineering Process Analytics, a graduate level class and also teaches Business Analytics and Dashboard Visualization at a technical college (  He has also taught courses and conducted workshops on Multivariate Data Analysis, Design of Experiments and Batch Process Analytics. He has spoken at various conferences ( ODSC East, ODSC India, Global AI).

He completed his dual Masters in Chemical and Computer Engineering from University of Massachusetts and an MBA from Babson College.