Srinivas Murty

Srinivas Murty

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Srinivas Murty

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I have been working as a Quality Analyst for the past 11 years predominantly at ThoughtWorks UK. All my projects have been client facing and experienced coaching, consulting, assessments and enabling teams across different domains, technologies and countries. 

When people ask me what makes a good QA, my answer is always "Be like a child"  curious and open minded.
I feel one can not be "trained" to be a good QA unless they naturally have this sort of a personality. It is an art to be discovered and a journey that I went through to achieve it.
I believe that Quality is something that not only applies to software but also to the processes being followed. It is about discovering gaps and identifying risks as early in the software lifecycle as possible enabling Continuous Quality Delivery (CQD). It is ultimately about putting yourself in the user's shoes to give them a better experience of using your product. 

I love talking to people and share my experiences. Agile coaching and QA consulting comes naturally after being exposed to so many different situations.