Oana Juncu

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Oana likes to present herself as a Business Agile DJ mixing whatever approaches from system coaching with storytelling, neurosciences to Agility help teams and organisations to become proud of their outcomes and delight their customers.

15 years of experience in Software Development and System Management has driven Oana to embrace Agile and Lean mindset as best approaches for 21st century leading organizations. She embraced the entrepreneurship path by founding cOemerge back in 2013 , a company that helps its large or smaller clients grow Agility and entrepreneurial mindset through Lean Startup, neurosciences ans storytelling

To reinforce the effectiveness of Lean Startup, she developed an original approach to defining products in a Lean Startup way, called "Test Driven Business” and an original approach on organisational development that combines storytelling, envisioning and … neurosciences.

Oana acts as an Agile Transformation facilitator , using Creative Solution Definition. She trains and coach Agile teams (from core Business to Software Development and Support Services), so they are able to adopt the set of practices Agile driven improvement techniques, proven to be adapted to each context and goal. Her key focus is building cross-organizations Vision Ownership to align missions with User Value creation.

In her former experience as CIO of Eurosport, the specific context of media combined to the world of sports, Oana had her first reflections about the benefits of XP, SCRUM and LEAN. These are helpful answers in a landscape that requires a highly adaptive Software Development approach, combined with full commitment in an event-driven constraint context.

Oana loves participate actively in Agile International Community. She strongly believes that connected knowledge is a value generator. She is a frequent speaker in different Agile French and International conferences. She helps reinforce collaboration in the Agile and Lean community by being one of the ALE2011 through 2015 Member of the Organision Team, a member of the Agile Tour Board since 2009, Scrum Gathering in Paris in September 2013, Lean Startup Experience group and many others

She's also an [email protected] Trained Facilitator since 2009 and a LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® facilitator